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Seduction Beard Soap | Premium All Natural Beard Care

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Seduction Beard Soap | Premium All Natural Beard Care


Beard Soap Scent -Citrus Zest, Cedar Leaf, Spices, Vetiver, Musk and Light Patchouli.

Handcrafted soap and cosmetics are artisanal products, generally created in small batches by handcrafters. Unlike commercial products, handcrafters have the opportunity to create highly unique products using ingredients tailored to the needs of their customers. (In-house soap crafter member)

In our handmade soap recipe, We use premium oils and butters that are good for your skin- cleansing and moisturizing at the same time.

Soap makes a great gift or indulge with a special treat for yourself! Has a long lasting fragrance and lathers up wonderfully in the shower. Always be sure to keep your soap in a place where it can dry out in between uses; natural soap will dissolve quicker if left in water over time.

 All of our soaps are handmade from scratch using quality ingredients depending on the bar you choose. These are made in the “hot process” method. Basically, it’s an extra cooking step that allows all the chemical reaction to occur, and cooks out any remaining water. It results in a long lasting bar of soap. We scent and color my soaps with essential oils, fragrance oils, natural herbs, clays and pigments.

We make small batches so sometimes your bar of soap will vary slightly in color and size.

How to take care of your soap:

  • Handmade soap doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives or artificial hardeners.
  • With just a little care you can prolong the life of your soap and it will serve you well.
  • Don’t let your soap sit in water when not in use.
  • Store your soap on a well-drained soap dish.
  • Use a wash cloth to extend its life.
  • Store unused soap in a dark cool place and never seal it in plastic, it needs to breathe.

There are many benefits to goat milk soap. And, as our goats might say, our goat milk soaps contain nothing Baah-d. Ever. We use only natural fats and oils that produce a longlasting, moisturizing bar. The colors are all natural too, never from dyes or synthetic colors and we only use high quality essential oils or fragrance oils to scent our goat milk soaps. You’ll love the scent, the feel, and the bubbly lather these ingredients give every bar of Goat Milk Stuff soap. You’re sure to find a goat milk soap you’ll love for yourself or to gift to someone else.

Detergent free goat’s milk soap beard soap

IngredientsShea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Goats Milk, Glycerin, Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Distilled water, jojoba oil & other Essential oils.

Do small skin test before using fully, might contain allergens to certain individuals.

Disclaimer: No Blacklabel Beard Company products are reviewed by the FDA. We make no claims about the health benefits of any products. The only thing we offer is our opinions and resources based on in house research, product testing on our staff and focus groups. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way.


Our Products coats each hair shaft, protecting it from dust and dryness and prevents beard flakes & itching. Keeps hair shiny – daily use gives hair a nice sheen. Keeps hair shiny – daily use gives hair a nice sheen


Skin/Hair moisturizer – seals in moisture and creates an effective barrier to external elements. Relieves dry, itchy skin – applying beard oil to dry, itchy patches in the beard will provide considerable relief and moisturizes the affected area


Prevents breakage – washing and shampooing can strip the hair of natural oils causing breakage, Our products coats the hair shaft, restoring moisture and preventing breakage. Hydrates the skin under the beard.