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Best Hair Styling Pomade - Light, Medium & Strong

Want that hairstyle that makes you stand out in the crowd? This Blacklabel pomade is for you. Our pomades will give you a strong hold or a light hold without buildup. Our Blacklabel Pomades are great for females, males and children alike, who want to be stylish and hip. Not only does our Blacklabel pomade make you stylish but it will provide your hair with nutrients and add shine, and strength from the all-natural ingredients we use.

Our Blacklabel Pomade is a light to medium or a firm to strong wax that allows hold without that greasy look and feel. Scrape a small amount off the top and it will immediately soften between your fingers for application. Start with a small amount and use more if needed. Use on dry hair, for extra hold or even a wet look. Your style should last for hours. Choose from several scents. 
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