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Beard Butter

Our butterss provide beard conditioning with Argan and Jojoba oils to deeply penetrate and moisturize the hair follicles while Shea Butter and Beeswax seal and shape your beard. Like no other, our Beard Balms are simply the best.

Many people like to use both the balm & butter to shape and style and some like butter to just soften their beard, especially when they need a softer hold.

Blacklabel Beard Company beard products are natural, organic and handmade with raw ingredients in the great state of texas. we formulate our products from our own recipes with quality ingredients from trusted sources.

  • THE BEST FORMULA FOR THE BEST BEARD: You’ve probably tried everything. Oils, creams, serums and anything else our competitors come up with to promise you the perfect beard. Look no further: our premium balm or butter is the best solution to your beard grooming needs. Its texture and consistency will win you over!
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, BLENDED BY HAND IN THE USA: Made in Texas, just like the old days. First, we responsibly source natural organic ingredients. Then, we combine them, using our unique recipe-and we proudly offer you the best beard care product you could ask for. NONE of our products have Chemicals, Preservatives, Colorants or Fragrances!
  • MOISTURIZES HAIR AND PROMOTES GROWTH: Our beard butter keeps your hair conditioned, smooth and soft, while also giving it a slight hold. It helps keep follicles moist, promoting growth from the inside out. Use it frequently and see your beard strengthen and your hair growth boost.
  • GOODBYE, UNRULY & ITCHY BEARD: Tame wild hair and keep it in place. Get rid of its coarse texture and improve your appearance. Combat split ends and hair growing in all directions! Our balm reduces irritation and prevents beard dandruff, flaky skin and itchiness.