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What does beard oil do?

Do you have a beard that is a bit unruly? Do you find that your beard is a bit scratchy and not as soft as you'd like? Well, that is because you need beard oil.  Beard oil conditions the beard and the skin underneath without making a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, it typically has ingredients within the beard oil that will help prevent bacterial growth in the beard itself.  

Your beard is typically more coarse hair than you have on your head. It is coarse and can get a bit unruly if not tamed by some beard oil. Beard oil will soften the hair to allow it to lay more flat. It will make the beard shinier and neater.  

Avoid Beard Dandruff

Nothing looks and feels worse than beard dandruff. Beard dandruff can happen to anyone. It is when the skin under the beard is getting dried out. It can be due to moisture getting caught in the beard which promotes bacterial and fungus growth as well. Be sure that you dry your beard thoroughly after your bath. This will help reduce the risk of having a problem with this. Also, using beard oil on a regular basis will help with this as well. 

Depending on the ingredients, beard oil can promote hair growth. Just like you see in some shampoos and conditioners, you can get additives such as essential oils that are thought to help with hair growth. Essential oils such as Tea Tree oil for example is a great additive to beard oil. It will help prevent infections and promotes hair growth, it has a nice smell as well. Tea Tree oil is also a natural bug repellent too!

Improve Your Beard's Overall Health

Beard oil will make your beard overall look healthier. It will make your beard look more full and lush. And, will keep it from getting beard dandruff. Beard oil is super easy to use and apply and takes only a few minutes to use. And, it will make your beard smell great! As well as help you style your beard and maintain the mane.  

Many men don't think they actually need beard oil. However, if they would just try it, they would soon learn the benefits and fall in love with it. Men need to care for their beards as much as they do the hair on their heads. However, some men this is hard information to get through.  

Apply beard oil right after the shower!

It is recommended that you use beard oil on your beard right after a shower. This is when the skin and hair follicles are open up and will absorb the oil best. If you live in a cold and dry environment you will find the beard oil will really help with dry skin and an untamed beard. It acts as a styling agent. So, if you are one that styles your hair every day, then you should certainly look into beard oil to style your beard.  

To apply the oil, put it on your hands and rub them together. This will warm the oil up. Then apply to the beard in a downward motion. This allows the oil to sort of tame the mane so to speak. It will help calm down those hairs that want to go everywhere and give you a nice sleek look.  


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