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Unruly beards are something no guy likes. Some have it easier than others, but there is a way to tame that beast!

Let's look at the main culprit first: Beard Split Ends! Here’s what’s causing them and how to cure them. Big beards are the most susceptible, but this can plague any guy's follicles. Every woman knows about these culprits, so guys, it's time you know about them too.

You see when you get a split, there are a couple of things that are going on – first off, your beard will feel a lot more rough. Therefore it will be uncomfortable for you, and even more so for anyone that you might get a bit ‘intimate’ with as well.

When your beard follicles becomes too coarse and brittle, the tips of the follicles will eventually fray causing a split end. And those split ends do not make for a comfy and manageable scenario.

First off – you have these glands called sebaceous glands at the root of every beard follicle.These sebaceous glands are finite in size and can only produce a certain amount of sebum oil every day.

There comes a point, and for every guy its different, where your beard gets so long that the sebaceous glands can’t produce enough sebum oil in order to keep the root and the entire shaft of the beard follicle well nourished.

Now there are products which I will talk about in a bit that help supplement this natural sebum oil, but there are a few essential grooming tips you should know about as well.

  • If you are growing an epic beard, blow drying your beard might be a process you do not want to regularly.
  • Dyeing your beard also will cause damage to beard follicles.
  • The shampoo you may be using for your head probably shouldn’t be used on your beard. That’s why I created one that is sensitive to any beard.
  • You see shampoos, especially cheap ones, usually will contain ingredients that can completely strip out any sort of sebum oils and moisture from your beard (or head.
  • Lastly dietary restrictions can also be a cause of beard split ends.

Generally if your diet is lacking protein, your hair (all across your body) and nails will show it. When beard follicles are not receiving the proper nutrients, split ends are likely going to occur.

Here's another one that gets asked a lot.

Which should you be doing to prevent split ends on your beard – brushing or combing?

When it comes to your beard and deciding between a brush or comb its largely a personal preference. Either one of them will be safe to use on your beard.

Are the most asked question of all, How often should you trim your beard?

If you want to completely get rid of split ends instantly, then there is no better way than to simply trim your beard. Even the most epic beards need to get trimmed every now and again to make sure they aren’t too unruly.

Regarding trimming frequency, it really comes down to a mans preference.
Some men like to trim their beard often and others might want to wait and trim it weekly or every other week. Trimming will help remove those split ends, but those follicles still require moisture and nutrients for healthy growth.

What products are suggested for beard use to both nourish and maintain a healthy growth and Beard Badassness?

At this point, you will want to introduce a beard balm or beard oil into your routine.  At Blacklabel Beard, we craft every product with moisture in mind, but there is one that just really stands out when you need the most help for that heavy Crop or Facefro.

If you haven't checked it out, it's called Beardroids. We specifically created this blend to handle the toughest beards and landscapes. We put a lot of expensive goodies into this formula so you won't have spend a bunch on any additional add-ons. GO HERE to read more or click on the image below:


That’s what’s needed to prevent split ends on your beard

But, facial hair, specifically bushy beards are also catch-alls for food, dirt and germs. In some cases, beards can contain more bacteria than dogs’ fur.

The bottom line is keep it moist and supple. Always supplement with an all natural, even organic product when possible. Beard oil and beard balm are the #1 essential ingredient for every beard. Give our Beardroids a try, and your beard will thank you.

If you are new or haven't tried it out before, you can use this coupon to get 25% off your first order...and I mean the whole order. So go ahead, save some green but also give your beard the eco push it needs.


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